Brand Story

A Timeless Fabric

Taima-fu, natural fine hemp, has been an essential fabric in Japanese life for over 10,000 years.

With a far-reaching history, hemp ropes have been excavated from Japanese archaeological sites dating back to approximately 10,000 years ago.

In the Shinto religion, priests’ garments, sacred onusa wands and the shimenawa ropes denoting shrines have

traditionally utilized taima-fu natural hemp.

People discovered that hemp had special powers and viewed this fiber as being somehow sacred.

“majotae” is a brand reviving taima-fu natural fine hemp in the present day.

Hemp fabric excavated from the Torihama shell mound site (Mikata-cho, Fukui Prefecture) Photo provided by: Wakasa History Museum

Luxury for a new age

Rooted in an extensive history and sacred background, “majotae” offers outstanding qualities for these modern times.

It provides sustainable high quality, now considered a luxury in this new age.

“majotae” recreates the characteristics of ancient taima-fu.

Authentically reviving the texture—firm yet soft and beautifully lustrous—of traditional taima-fu fabric.

This fabric can be used for long years to come with a texture that grows more comfortable through

continued use and develops over time.

Plus, hemp plants can be grown and harvested with minimal environmental impact.

Hemp grows quickly even in poor soil or dry regions, making it a highly sustainable material.

Far-left title: Changing our society

Learn from the past, build the future.

Continue using truly good things for long periods of time and even over generations.

Stop thinking of “sustainable” as sacrificing quality or comfort.

The “majotae” brand is changing lifestyles through fabric, creating a new culture and transforming society.

Making taima-fu fabric a source of Japanese pride worldwide.